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Pediatric Occupational Therapy Services


Pediatric occupational therapy helps to strengthen the coordination between the brain and the body to enhance the function of daily living for children. Pediatric occupational therapy benefits children with learning and behavior disorders, Autism Spectrum Disorders, developmental delays, hearing and / or visual impairments, emotional disturbances, neuromuscular disorders or physical disabilities. 

What we can do for you

Our pediatric occupational therapy services are provided by Master’s level and licensed pediatric occupational therapists with specialized training in occupational therapy for children. Our pediatric occupational therapists use the latest cutting-edge therapy techniques and keep abreast of current treatment techniques through a variety of continuing education courses.
Pediatric occupational therapy sessions are designed around an individualized plan of care to address your child's specific needs to provide them with the greatest quality of life. Detailed home exercise programs are available to incorporate therapy techniques into the home and community settings. Therapy will be conducted based on the frequency determined by the pediatric occupational therapist during your child's evaluation. Therapy can be conducted in one of our clinics, in your home or your child's daycare through our involvement in the Early Steps Program or at your child's daycare or home, or preschool (determination of therapy location maybe made based on your insurance and availability in therapists schedule).
For more information on occupational therapy for children, please contact us.
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To see our Pediatric Ooccupational Therapy Brochure, click here.

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