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Infant Toddler Developmental Services

Our Infant Toddler Development services are offered in conjunction with the State of Florida Early Intervention Program called Early Steps. Physicians, parents or caregivers who have concerns about a child's development can contact the local Early Steps agency at Sacred Heart Hospital or call us to get a referral started for a developmental evaluation.

After the initiation of the referral, an Early Steps case coordinator will contact you to establish background information and help decide the areas of concern. That case coordinator will contact us and set a date for an arena assessment. The case coordinator, an Infant Toddler Developmental Specialist (ITDS) and one or more therapists will meet with the family or caregivers to administer the Batelle Developmental Inventory to establish eligibility for the Early Steps Program.

When a child is eligible, an Individual Family Support Plan is written as a team to address the family's goals for the child. The ITDS will have goals based upon the assessment and the family's goals that will be addressed in sessions. The child may also receive Speech, Occupational, and/or Physical therapy, depending on the results of the evaluation. Therapies may be reimbursed by your insurance or a State Program such as Medicaid. If no insurance or program is available, the treatments are still given as Early Steps is a payer of last resort and does not depend on income criteria for the child to receive help.

All ITDS services are performed in the natural environment such as home, daycare, local playgrounds, preschools, etc.

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