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Adult Speech-Language Pathology


Adults encounter challenges that result in the need for servcies by a speech-language pathologist. These are frequently medical conditions that result in a change of speech, language, voice, and/or swallowing.

Speech pathhology for adults may take the form of neurological and cognitive therapy for individuals with apraxia, head injury, aphasia, dysarthria related to traumatic brain injury, accident, Parkinson's disease, ALS, stroke or other conditions affecting motor speech movements, language, and cognition.

Specialized assessments are available for individuals for demetia or Alzheimer's Disease. This assessment can determine the level of functioning of the individual and offer strategies for families to use in facilitating communication for thiose in cognitive decline. Swallowing assessment and specialized techniques to assist in food aversions is available.

Swallowing therapy could be direct intervention for acquired swallowing issues, food aversions, drooling, oral motor weakness, and inability to meet nutritional needs by mouth. Compensatory strategies to aid the individual in consuming the highest level diet safely and efficiently are provided. Patient, family and caregiver coaching in strategies to adapt food textures, positioning optimumly, and safe strategies are provided.

Voice therapy is available for individuals with changes in pitch, volume, quality, or the need for alternative voice production.

Fluency therapy is provided for individuals whose daily lives are hampered by the lack of smooth speech.

Motor speech disorders may change how clealy a person is able to speak. Our cometent staff can analyze the situation and provide a personalized treatment plan to improve the clarity of speech.

Assistive and Alternative Communication Devices can be needed when spoken speech is not an option. Our staff is up-to-date about modern devices that can facilitate communication and can work with you in finding a device that is convenient to use.

Yoga is available for assistance in balance, muscle coordination, and breath support for speech.


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