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Serving patients from nil to ninety in the Northwest Florida Panhandle

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After a sensory integration evaluation is completed and input from the family is gained, our occupational therapist will design a sensory program specific to meet the needs of the patient. This program is a specialized pediatric occupational therapy service. These children may have a history of prematurity, attention deficit disorder, autism, developmental disorders, learning disabilities, brain injury, speech/hearing delays and/or emotional disorders.
• Sensory integration is our ability to respond to the millions of sensations around us and sort out what is important. It allows us to complete
daily activities without being distracted by our surroundings.
• Children with sensory integration dysfunction are unable to process sensations efficiently, making
development of motor and speech skills, emotional stability, attention, ability to learn, self-care skills and behavior a difficult process.
• Characteristics of sensory integration dysfunction may include over- or under-sensitivity to normal sensations; unusually high or low activity levels; motor and/or speech delays; awkward or clumsy appearances; extreme range of emotions and difficulty handling changes in transitions or routines.

Our pediatric occupational therapists recognize the challenges of children and their families. We help children develop the skills that can lead to independence in self-care, play, and social and
academic skills.

Sensory Integration Services
We Provide
• An evaluation to identify underlying sensory problems influencing a child’s ability to function. Evaluation results are analyzed and recommendations about appropriate treatments are made.
• A treatment program that provides a variety of rich, child-centered sensory experiences to retrain the senses and challenge the child’s ability to respond appropriately to sensory input.
• Education for parents, educators
and caregivers who also can learn
how to provide an appropriately
enriched environment for the child.

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