Speech, Occupational, Physical and Infant Toddler Services

Serving patients from nil to ninety in the Northwest Florida Panhandle

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Meet Our Staff

(This page is under construction. Please bear with us as we work to complete it.)


Lynn Lambert

Mrs. Lambert leads the company in presenting best practice therapy techniques and up-to-date professional services.  Many of our therapists are from all over the nation and have been hired to represent the best of training from highly respected universities in our country.

Clarissa Gallo

Clarissa A Gallo, M.S. CF-SLP is a graduate of East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania, with a Master’s degree.  She enjoys working with children and adults of all abilities.  She believes in having an Open Heart, Open Mind.
Kayla Payne, M.C.D. CCC-SLP is a graduate of Auburn University.  She is particularly interested in working with children and adolescents who present with articulation/phonological disorders and language delays due to developmental and genetic disorders.  She also enjoys working with patients who experience voice disorders and fluency disorders.

Caitlin White, M.A. CF-SLP is a graduate of  Louisiana State University where she received a Masters of Arts degree in Communication Disorders.  Caitlin’s interest is working with children with developmental delays to improve language disabilities.
Amanda Webber, M.S., CCC-SLP is a graduate of Sacramento State University.
Leslie Gerdes, M.S., CF-SLP is from Missouri.
Mackenzie Ogden, M.S., CCC-SLP is a graduate of University of South Alabama
Vita Ng, OTR/L is our Occupational therapist.  She loves the beach.  She enjoys outdoor activities and spending time with family and friends.  She is very passionate about incorporating animal-assisted therapy into her practice in the near future.

Kayla Adcock, OTR/L is a graduate of southern Mississippi State.

Tom Miller, PT is a long time resident of Crestview and has practiced PT for many years.  He is the owner of Crestview Physical therapy.

Patricia Guess, RN, is our Infant Toddler Developmental Specialist.  She has a wealth of experience in working with families to guide them building a stronger family unit and assisting their children in developing improved skills.

Sarah Lambert is the bookkeeper for Complete Rehabilitation Services.  Additionally, she uses breath techniques from her opera singing background combined with yoga techniques to help some of our patients coordinate balance, muscular support, and breathing techniques to facilitate speech production.
Our support staff, Jill Farley, B.S. CDA is our billing specialist.  Kristy Souto is our support staff in the Crestview office.  Nia Carter works at the front desk in Ft Walton Beach.  They are friendly, knowledgeable and dependable.  They are delighted to take referrals, coordinate authorizations, and work through any billing issues that arise.

We at Complete Rehab welcome you or your family member to become our patient.  We look forward to performing a detailed evaluation and developing a spot-on plan of care.  We look forward to involving the whole family in implementing a program that allows for the greatest involvement in society for the patient.


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